We identify products in videos in real-time using our proprietary AI identification engine. We are helping streaming platforms/brands to use their videos in a more smart way. 

Direct revenue

Flexibility & Scalability

Better user engagement

No manual tagging

We provide

  • A list of items seen in video that can be purchased

  • Fully tagged video inventories for brands​

  • Metadata for Targeting of ads/emails/push notifications based on products seen


  • Shoppable video

  • Short sale cycle

  • Instant buy now for viewers, 

  • have full control on where to buy

  • Granular and visible video insight 

  • Which products appear?

  • How long?

  • How many times?

  • Better ad recommendation, 

  • Targeting without cookies and GDPR issues


We are not the first people having this dream

But We Are The First Ones Achieving This.

Our Proprietary AI Fast & Lightweight

This is how our AI sees videos

AI Automatically Tagging Any Items in Videos

      Use Cases

End Users

  • Freedom to buy things they see and like without jumping platforms

  • Gamified content, they can click on the video and get more info / purchase items

Stream Providers

  • Monetise the premium content

  • Increase user engagement

  • Automatically identifying the items and linking them to the stores in a few seconds


  • No need for targeted ads

  • No need to spend billions for finding the right customers

  • Actionable video metrics

Content Creators

  • Monetise the content with commission of sales

  • Instant purchase inside video (people have short attention!), higher conversion rate

Meet The Team

Deniz Cicek Elitez

Deniz Cicek Elitez

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Co-founder & CEO

Sercan Cidem - SepetLive.jpeg

Sercan Cidem

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Co-founder & CTO

Painting Wall


41 Luke St, London EC2A 4DP, United Kingdom

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